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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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breaking news is out of afghanistan where an american general has been killed and other americans have been wounded. let's go straight to the live desk. >> this breaking news out of afghanistan. nbc news confirming that a two-star u.s. army general is among those killed after a gunman ambushed an afghan military training center. this was near the city of kabul. officials also saying as many as 15 americans could be hurt in an attack that killed at least three people. many of the victims believed to be american as well as german.
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this happened on a camp. the gunman dressed in an afghan military uniform was shot and killed. be sure to stay with news4 and for the latest on this unfolding situation. barbara? >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow this story. developing in prince william county, chopper 4 was over the scene of a deadly crash. a motorcycle and truck collided. the cyclist was dead when investigators arrived. roads are closed in the area of aiden road between fleetwood drive and hershey drive. in prince george's county, police are investigating a homicide. shots were fired in the 7800 block of riverdale drive. they found a man lying in the grass behind the apartment building. he later died from his injuries. right now the loudoun county sheriff's office is asking for your help to find the man who assaulted a woman on a trail in sterling. the attack happened yesterday morning on the washington and old dominion trail near oak grove road. megan mcgrath is live near that
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trail with more. megan? >> reporter: this happened in the morning. it was light outside. a woman was jogging along the wnod trail near oak grove road when all of a sudden a man came up from behind her and knocked her to the ground. >> i think about it sometimes trying to make sure it's a good day and that there are people. i don't go, you know, in less traveled sections generally. >> reporter: brenda sticks to the more populated sections of the wnod trail when she jogs and the stretch by oak grove road is pretty busy. but that didn't stop a man from assaulting a woman on monday morning. it was a little after 7:00 a.m., the victim was jogging. that's when a man came up from behind and knocked her to the ground. she was able to get away without serious injury but the suspect is still on the loose. the wnod trail is popular with cyclists and joggers. there's a lot of activity in the
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morning. eric roberts is surprised that something like that would happen here. >> i've been running before the sun comes up and there's people running with lights on and things like that. i've never had a problem. i've been doing it for three or four years. >> reporter: and after the assault, investigators say the suspect ran down the trail headed east toward fairfax. anyone who may have seen him running away or perhaps witnessed the assault, you're asked to call the loudoun county sheriff's office. reporting live in sterling, megan mcgrath, news4. barbara, back to you. thank you so much. the second american recently diagnosed with ebola in west africa is en route to atlanta now. angie goff has more on that at the live desk. >> that american infected with that deadly disease ebola is in the u.s. close to landing in atlanta, georgia. this small plane carrying an anti-rifle from liberia recently refueled in maine and is close to landing at the hospital.
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the 59 year old is in serious condition we're told. this weekend another american was admitted after being infected with ebola. both got the disease while doing missionary work in liberia. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. expect delays and closures on main streets in columbia heights area. columbia road northwest is closed between 13th and 14th streets northwest. emergency sewer and water repairs are to blame. the area is usually very busy because the target shopping complex is just a few blocks away. the road could be closed for several more days. turning to the weather. moving into the 80s in much of our area. tom kierein joins us with his first forecast for this tuesday midday. >> it's heating up quickly with that strong august sun. a few clouds popping up the last couple hours. here's another view of the sky
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over washington. live view from storm team 4 tower camera overlooking northeast washington in the middle distance on the horizon is prince george's county. there's a summer haze in the air on this tuesday morning. temperatures right now really jumping 85 already at reagan national. around the bay, a bit cooler there. upper 70s to around 80. and then near 80 north and western suburbs. much of virginia into the low 80s. shenandoah valley into the mountains many locations there into the upper 70s. beautiful day out in the mountains. mid 70s there. now, the area is getting a little less humid as we get into the afternoon. there's not much movement. it's stagnant. we have an air qualitytod today. all counties in gray includi washingtnd montgomery, prince george's county, fairfax, southern maryland, heart or respiratory element, stay inside and avoid strenuous activities. we'll have this really unhealthy air quality during the afternoon. a look at big changes on the
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way. next chance we'll see storms coming up and a look at the weekend change coming up. prayers and tears at a local church vigil tomorrow as a community mourns the loss of a young family involved in an apparent murder/suicide. relatives found the victims late sunday night at their home in culpeper. they went to check on the family after they didn't show up at church. investigators believe clarence washington shot his wife and their three daughters before taking his own life. family members say clarence had recently made violent threats but none of them expected anything like this. >> everything was fine. things were okay. loving family. that was my sister. that's my heart. my best friend. >> tomorrow's vigil will be held at st. stevens baptist church where the family attended church. prosecutors will question new faces today in the corruption trial against former
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virginia bob mcdonnell. she'll face questions about the potential romance between businessman johnny williams and his wife, maureen. mcdonnell will testify at some point in the trial. this morning julie carey asked him whether he's ready to take the stand. >> how eager are you to testify, governor? how eager are you to get on the stand? >> very. >> virginia's former first couple is accused of trading political influence for $165,000 in gifts and loans. and julie is in court tweeting the latest developments. you can find out what's happening by following her on twitter @julie carey nbc. two people died from a drug overdose at a concert hall. both victims attended a music festival over the weekend and died frompnt overdoses of the drug ecstasy.
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yesterday howard county officials are investigating security and screening procedures at this popular venue. parents of one of the victims believes her son drank drug laced water being passed around at the conconcert. a team was run over by a car in montgomery county. the 15-year-old boy was struck last night on ridge road near damascus high school. fire and rescue say the teen was up and walking around though when they arrived. we have calls into police for more information on this. if you're looking for something to do tonight, why don't you meet up with some of your neighbors. this is the 31st annual national night out. neighborhoods in d.c., maryland and virginia are organizing block parties, cookouts and candlelight vigils to take a stand against crime. and we have some breaking news right now.
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are we going to the live desk? we'll find out what's going on when we come back from a b
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i'm angie goff at the live desk where details continue to come in on that unfolding situation in afghanistan. we are hearing from our pentagon correspondent confirming that a two-star general has been killed and his identity will not be released until sometime tomorrow. this is following what is being called an insider attack near the city of kabul. we're told american and german shoe soldiers were doing an exercise when an afghan soldier started shooting at everyone using an automatic weapon. that soldier was eventually shot and killed. right now the death toll stands at three. we're hearing as many as 15
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americans could be hurt in all this and as time passes we're told that death toll could very well rise. also getting a statement from afghan president hamid karzai who condemned this attack and offered his condolences to the afghan and foreign military members who were killed and wounded. we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you the latest on news4 and barbara? >> thank you. new developments this morning in the israel/gaza conflict. a three-day cease-fire between israel and hamas is in effect in the gaza strip. the truce was agreed to by both sides in the month-long war. over the next 72 hours, israel and hamas will hold incorrect talks in cairo on a broader deal that would prevent future cross border violence. so far nearly 1900 palestinians and almost 70 israelis have died. right now a traffic alert in downtown d.c. lots of roads are closed or blocked for the u.s. africa
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leaders summit. this is what our crews saw. in a few hours, more closures will begin around the white house. if you plan to drive, you can find a full list of the closures on a big event today. african heads of state and ceos are at the mandarin oriental hotel for the u.s./african business forum. former mayor michael bloomberg is hosting that event. big names are there including former president bill clinton. >> despite 400 billion in exports we'll see in exports this year, three-quarters of those exports are in oil, gas and diamonds. the potential for economic diversification is great. >> this afternoon president obama will announce u.s. businesses plans to commit $14 billion to investments in africa. and for all our summit coverage including what today's speakers are saying and closures
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you should avoid, visit and search summit. tributes continue to pour in for james brady. he died yesterday at the age of 73. a joint statement from ten of the men and women that followed him, say brady set the standard and brady was known as a champion for gun control ever since he walked in front of a bullet aimed at president ronald reagan back in the early '80s leaving him paralyzed. it's primary day. nbc's political writer joins us with the races to watch. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> a lot going on around the country prior to the upcoming november race. >> very busy. we're finishing up primary season. >> one we're watching here is the one in michigan. looks like we're not sure yet, could there be a third dingell? >> we know that john dingell's wife is running in michigan. >> that's right. he announced he would be
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retiring and his wife is running in his district to succeed him. she does have a primary challenge but she's well known in the district because of her husband's name. she worked for the gm foundation. she's been a democratic activist. it looks like she's probably a lock to win that seat and to go to win in november. this actually happens often in u.s. history. wiv wives taking over their husband's seats. >> in kansas now, gop establishment is running against the tea party. how is that looking? >> there's an incumbent center named pat roberts who is facing a challenge from a distant cousin of the president and tea party figure running against roberts giving roberts a hard time about his residency. he spends a lot of time in washington. it looks from polling that we have that roberts will be okay. it's definitely one to watch. >> this mcdonnell trial getting very interesting in virginia. a political soap oprah some are calling it.
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i understand mitt romney's name was mentioned and his wife's name also. >> this was a former campaign manager for mcdonnell that testified this week that maureen mcdonnell approached mitt romney's wife and pitched to her that a supplement that was publicizing to the mcdonnell. she suggested it may be a cure for ann romney's ms and that struck political operatives on the campaign bus as a strange thing to do and demonstrated how invested the mcdonnells were in trying to promote these products. >> also insinuation about possible romance or flirtation between williams and maureen mcdonnell? >> that's something defense attorneys have suggested saying that marriage she had with her husband was falling apart and felt neglected. williams flattered her. they said because the marriage
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was so damaged between the mcdonnells, they couldn't have been conspireing to commit crimes because they were barely on speaking terms. >> we'll continue to follow that. julie carey is watching that trial. you can follow it through her on twitter @julie carey nbc. for more, check out "first read" on tom kierein joins us with his midday forecast. >> by this time of the summer, most of us are used to the heat and humidity. kind of like it. if you don't have to overexert, it's okay. great beach and pool weather. here we go. again, another classic summer august day. there's the view from space. we have a mostly sunny sky. showers off the atlantic coast and a few clouds out in the southern shenandoah valley right now. lots of sunshine. there's a live view from the storm team 4 city camera.
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and we have haze in the air. 85 already reagan national. dew point at 65. that's humid. a calm wind and that calm wind is playing a role with our weather later this afternoon. right now it's into the low 80s. much of northern virginia. right near the bay, beautiful day around the bay. it's around 80 degrees. and nearby suburbs prince george's county now around 80. it's in the upper 70s near 80 in montgomery county. and the rest of northern virginia, the low 80s now comfortable day and humidity is in the moderate range. tropical storm bertha that is way off the atlantic coast. x marks the spot of the center of circulation. it's disorganized mess here off the atlantic coast. it's continuing to track off to the north and east and the winds are down to 60 miles an hour. it was a hurricane yesterday but it has gotten weaker and it's going to stay weak as we get into the next couple of days remaining below tropical storm strength as it tracks along the
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atlantic seaboard and gets off nova scotia by the end of the week. there may be big surf at the beaches. there will be rip tides. later today, a bit humid during the afternoon. less humid by late afternoon. highs around 90. a light wind with us that will play a role in the air quality during the afternoon with pollution building. we have our ultraviolet index at high range. if you will be at the pool, you'll get a quick burn without protection. tonight is national night out. if you're going to go to a block party for that, it will be hot at the beginning of the evening. and then by mid to late evening back down to the low 80s to near 80 and also the nationals and mets are playing tonight. great night for baseball. first pitch at 7:05. mid 80s there. by the seventh inning stretch, down to low 80s. last out should be upper 70s to around 80 degrees. great night for baseball. and as we get into tomorrow morning, we'll have temperatures
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down into the 60s. afternoon highs again tomorrow around 90 degrees. and rather humid on wednesday and wednesday afternoon and evening some drier air begins to push in and some scattered showers and thundershowers may roll through late afternoon into the evening. that could be followed by a couple of really nice days on thursday and friday. highs reaching the mid 80s. low humidity. over the weekend, saturday and sunday both days partly sunny. highs upper 80s saturday and sunday low 80s. chance of showers or sunday. as we get into monday next week, also maybe a lingering shower on monday morning and still rather humid with highs in the mid 80s. so after tomorrow we get a couple of really nice days with low humidity and then over the weekend it gets more humid and a few scattered showers around. >> okay. thanks, tom. tom just told us it will be hot today and tomorrow and that heat could cause you some problems. coming up, the skin conditions
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made worse by the rise in temperatures and what you can do about it. plus, label changes. we'll tell you why food labels are changing for gluten free products. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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i'm angie goff with a developing story at the live desk. a doctor accused of giving steroids to major league baseball players including a-rod has officially been charged. this is anthony bosh. federal authorities charging him with one count of conspiracy to distribute testosterone. last year alex rodriguez was among 14 players associated with the clinic suspended by the league. illegal activity happened over a four-year period starting in 2008. as for the doctor hearing that
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he's one of ten arrested today as part of this two-year investigation. federal sources saying that he did reach a deal to plead guilty. over to you. >> all right. thank you. up until today, the words gluten free on food labels meant something different to different manufacturers. that changes today per an fda rule. anything labeled gluten free must contain less than 20 parts of gluten. it's especially important for people who suffer from celiac disease and get sick from gluten found in cereal grains. for the first time in nearly a decade, scrabble players will have some new words on their boards. the scrabble dictionary is adding 5,000 new words including hashtag and selfie. those are worth 13 and 9 points respectively. bling is being added.
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and bromance. a camp going on in our area and coming up, the safest way to take advantage of points especially for travel and when we could see rain again. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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right now, more than 100 local children are learning how to swim for free and it's all thanks to the boys and girls clubs of greater washington and the zach foundation. news4 spoke directly with the kids who are learning all about water safety. she's live in northeast d.c. with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. you know, drownings are quick and silent. minority children face the greatest risk in the water along with children between 2 and 4.
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on a hot and humid day, nothing like taking a swim without fear of drowning. >> when i first started swimming, i wasn't that good. i thought i could swim and i threw my life jacket where i couldn't get it so i got my life jacket. >> i knew how to swim. it's just for me to get better i guess. >> reporter: free swim lessons this week at this northwest d.c. boys and girls club. more than 100 kids from all over the city learning the abcs of swim safety. these lessons are the mission of the zach foundation which travels the country to teach young swimmers. >> my son, zachary, was 6 years old and he was actually a great swimmer. the cover game loose on our drain in our own backyard pool and his arm actually became
11:32 am
stuck. just to have the opportunity to teach other families and children how to be safe so that they don't endure the loss of a child. >> reporter: just this year consumer product safety commission reports more than 200 children across the country younger than 15 have drown. seven deaths in the d.c. region. these preventible tragedies are significantly higher among minority children. >> boys and girls club, we deal with all sorts of children from all different backgrounds but number one is safety. >> reporter: these swim lessons end on friday and then the zach foundation moves onto the next city. now, no one expects these young swimmers to be great swimmers in one week of class, but it is at least the right start for many of them for getting in the water was the first time they did it was just this week.
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they'll get to take home this book about swim safety to remind them of some of the lessons they got to learn. back to you in the studio. >> i wish i were out there with you. thank you so much. looks wonderful. nice and cool. >> we'll go to angie goff. >> right now a second american infected with ebola arrived in atlanta landing at a military base. this small plane carrying nancy writebol from liberia. it's expected she'll be whisked away to emory university hospital. the 59-year-old believed to be in serious condition. this weekend another american was admitted to emory after being infected with ebola. now, once in the hospital, writebol will be in a sophisticated isolation unit.
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back to you. with two infected people here, concerns are growing of an ebola outbreak in the united states. president obama's national security adviser susan rice talked to the "today" show this morning. she said you should not worry. >> this is not a disease that can be communicated by sneezing or airborne or food or water. it requires a degree of intimate contact and it requires a person to be actively systematic to be contagious and we have in this country the protocols to isolate and manage any patient who may present with those symptoms. >> nearly 900 people have died from the outbreak in west africa so far. police are investigating a hate crime against a transgendered woman for the second time in a week. the first incident happened last week on the metro green line train when a 15-year-old transgendered girl was stabbed. over the weekend, another victim said she was walking to pay her
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rent when she felt a gun at the back of her head. >> he told me that give me your money. i'm going to kill all you [ bleep ] including me. if i didn't give it up, he was going to shoot me. >> d.c. police report does not call the incident a suspected hate crime noting the suspect used a slur against transgendered people. it does call the d.c. police department -- is calling it a possible hate crime. the victim says she's not sure how she will replace her rent money that was taken. and we're learning more about the death of a 73-year-old man in takoma park. cecil brown was found dead in his backyard on colby avenue. investigators say the death may have been a homicide. neighbors heard a disturbance and called police before 12:30 yesterday afternoon. police say brown was not shot though an autopsy report is still pending. an update on a teen involved
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in a shooting in hiyattsville that took place at the end of july. three men shot at a group of teenagers as they walked down the street. one man shot a teen in the side and another in the face and arm. a third teen was not hit. investigators say the three suspects got away in a jeep cherokee driven by a fourth man. it's the second day in court for trayvon bennett who prosecutors say shot and killed a teenager on his way to high school. 18-year-old walsh was shot and killed while walking to central high school nearly two years ago in september of 2012. prosecutors say trayvon bennett was the man who shot him. police were able to make the arrest by connecting a gun used in a robbery to one used in the murder. the trial is expected to take place all week. and right now most of nevada is under flash flood watches.
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las vegas is recovering from heavy rains. they caused massive delays on the roads and lots of flooding there. some cars were even swept into the water. >> get out! get out! hurry! >> that's the sound of rescuers screaming to an elderly couple who were trapped in the water. they couldn't make it out from their prius on their own. three airmen outside las vegas waded into the water to help them get out. they pulled them out and moments after they made it to land, the water swept away the cars as you see there. let's check in with tom kierein outside on the storm team 4 weather deck. any rain clouds above us? >> not today. tomorrow a good chance we'll get thunderstorms coming through. between now and then, beautiful summer weather under way on this tuesday morning. a few clouds with a live view
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from storm team 4 city camera overlooking washington now. temperatures right now are into the 80s most of the region. reagan national now is at 85. it's near 80 around the bay. just a wonderful summer day. a bit of a breeze. it's a little humid but it will get less humid during the afternoon as temperatures hit near 90 degrees. and a light wind will be with us during the afternoon. unfortunately we have poor air quality developing as pollution builds during the afternoon. tomorrow, hot and humid day. more humid tomorrow around 90 degrees. maybe some scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers maybe as early as around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon ending by mid evening on wednesday. then beautiful weather moves in thursday and friday. low humidity. highs mid 80s. more humid on the weekend. partly sunny saturday. a small chance of a shower or thundershower saturday afternoon. a greater chance sunday into monday. that's the way it looks, barbara. >> thank you, tom. today freed taliban captive bowe bergdahl is meeting with
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his lawyer before facing army investigators. tomorrow he's expected in texas to answer questions about the circumstances of his 2009 disappearance in afghanistan. the 23 year old was released on a prisoner exchange with the taliban. fellow soldiers accuse bergdahl of abandoning his post before he was captured. meanwhile, he's back on active duty at a desk job. d.c. council member took aim at the police department on social media accusing them to leak details about his accident over the weekend. he got into a fender-bender saturday evening after he had a medical emergency behind the wheel. he apparently tweeted that police were calling the media rather than protecting residents. that tweet has since been deleted, however. the department tells us it's not aware of the allegation or any officers violating the department's policies. and he could also be in big trouble with the dmv. according to "the washington post," barry racked up more than
11:40 am
$2,800 in tickets since 2012. the district department boots and tows tickets. no one has booted his car because they were issued overnight when crews are off-duty. sending a text message while you walk may sound like a simple distraction but according to a new study, it can be deadly. that according to safe kids worldwide. it's not just texting. headphones can be just as dangerous and distracting for teens. teenagers are more at risk than any other demographic of being hit by cars while distracted. >> we talked to so many young kids about safety. look left, right, left. as kids get older, we worry about other things and we don't talk about walking to and from school. >> the study found teens were just as distracted by wearing
11:41 am
headphones as they were by texting. there's some skin conditions aggravated by the summer heat. you may know about them yourself. coming up, a look at how to avoid the itchy problem and how to take care of them if you have it. the credit card scam that has police on alert.
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i'm angie goff with breaking news. british airways suspending all flights to and from liberia and sierra leon until the end of the month due to the deteriorating public health situation. americans were urged to avoid travel because of the ebola outbreak. if you have a british airways flight to or from this region, they'll offer refunds and
11:45 am
rebooking options. a warning for local businesses to look out for credit card scammers. some scammers are using a debit card and making off with thousands of dollars in merchandise. take a look at this surveillance video. here someone passed this stolen paypal mastercard to the store owner. it allows offline transactions without the cards being activated. paypal is now working with d.c. police to stop this fraud. the next study is disturbing. people are more likely to lie to women than to men when trying to reach a deal. that according to a joint study from the university of california and university of pennsylvania. researchers say women are more likely to be deceived in negotiations because we're seen as less competent than our male counterparts. another reason for this gender gap, women tend to be viewed as more forgiving and compassionate
11:46 am
than men. tom kierein says we're in for heat and humidity and those conditions can make skin conditions worse. what to do to stay cool and keep your skin looking and feeling good. let's talk about some of the things. one of them you say is athlete's foot. does the heat make it worse? >> naturally there are people that just have a tendency to have fungus on the feet and that's what we refer to as athlete's foot. they are in an enclosed shoe most of the time. summer allows us to air our feet out but men particularly, a lot of them don't like to wear flip-flops -- >> they can't wear them to work. >> definitely. sock and shoes can actually heighten that reaction of the fungus growing and it needs a nice moist, warm place to grow. >> should businesses loosen rules and let people wear flip-flops to work?
11:47 am
>> airing your feet out as best as possible. you want to use -- there are drying powders you can use. they are anti-fungal preparations you can get over the counter that are helpful for that situation. men can have it in the groin area which they refer to as jock itch. if they are wearing any kind of athletic support type garments or women as far as the bra under the underwire area. they tend to collect moisture and sweat. that's a typical area where we see. >> what can you do about problems with the bra and jock? >> decrease sweating if possible. you want to definitely stay as cool or in a cool environment but there are also topical preparations that are powders that have anti-fungal agents in them. there are creams that are
11:48 am
anti-fungal over the counter that can be used and then there are preparations that minimize the sweating called certain dry. those preparations can be wiped on the skin and it tends to block the sweat glands. >> what's better, cream or powder? >> well, depends on how wet you are. powder gets kind of gucky when it is wet. a l people prefer powders. we have prescription preparations that we use. cease are suggestions for over the counter. >> what's prickly heat? is it what babies get with diaper rash? >> it's when your body is trying to sweat faster than your body will allow. you'll get itchy bumps. on the surface area, on the body, the trunk area and small, itchy bumps. it usually occurs after you have
11:49 am
been outside in a hot environment trying to sweat and keep in mind that when the environment is really humid, your sweat has nowhere to go. it just stays on your body or stays trapped under the skin. >> the big thing is to stay cool? >> stay cool, yes. >> and the rash generally resolves on its own once the body cools down. >> a word to the wise. we'll try to stay cool. i think we ought to be able to wear flip-flops to work. >> me too. >> thanks so much. good to see you. >> time is 11:49. coming up, a look at how credit card reward points can lead to exciting vacations and storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will be back with more on how hot we can expect it to get this afternoon. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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credit card rewards often make the cost of flights and hotels more affordable when you take a vacation. it's risky to accumulate multiple cards in an effort to earn tens of thousands of reward points. >> reporter: as fares to fly climb sky high, many frequent flyers rely on points to travel for less or even free. meet matt. he flew from new york to reagan national airport for our interview on points. he has mastered managing all types of reward points and in doing so he's traveled the world for nearly nothing. >> tokyo, dubai, switzerland, zurich, brazil. >> reporter: it's his first time to d.c. buteintse uses to travel require a lot of spending. for example, spend thousands of dollars and earn tens of thousands of points. do it with lots of credit cards and people have a lot to handle. >> i got another one and then
11:54 am
another one and now i probably got 8,400 cards. >> you heard right. he holds between 80 and 100 cards. he calls it a hobby. he spends his day managing points and money meticulously. he avoids annual fees. he says he travels with points taking trips practically for free. >> most of it was business class so that would have cost $10,000. >> reporter: he spent points on hotels too. >> the whole thing out of pocket was about $400 or $500. >> reporter: sounds like a good price to pay, right? there is real risk involved. >> it becomes addicting. >> reporter: adam co-founder of says managing multiple cards for rewards can be dangerous. >> good news is points. bad news isn rates. >> reporter: that's because reward cars often carry high
11:55 am
interest rates. another warning, never miss a payment. >> whether you have one card or 40 cards, it doesn't matter. you miss a payment, your credit score could get hit. >> reporter: know that points associated with the card can change at any time. >> you may think that you're working toward the 25,000-point seat upgrade but the airline at any moment could change their minds and say it's now 40,000 points in order to get that particular upgrade. >> reporter: having too many credit cards and switching from one to the other are red flags to lenders if you plan on applying for a mortgage. >> credit cards can be a wonderful enabler or a weapon of individual financial destruction. >> reporter: matt agrees. it's a risk for everyone. >> you have given yourself the opportunity to get into debt. that's where the risk is. >> a safer way to go is to start
11:56 am
with a loyalty program. sign up for free and always read the fine print. to learn more about reward points, go to and search points. we're following several developing stories throughout the day on nbc 4. first nbc news confirmed that a two-star u.s. general was killed in afghanistan. the attacks happened when a gunman opened fire inside a military base near kabul. 15 people are hurt. look for more throughout the day on right now the second american recently infected with ebola is in atlanta. a small plane carrying nancy writebol landed 20 minutes ago. writebol will now head to emory university hospital for treatment. >> watch news4 at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and at 11:00 to learn the latest from the bob mcdonnell trial. they are accused of trading political influence for more than $150,000 in gifts and
11:57 am
loans. time for a final check on the forecast. here's tom. >> these are days we dream about in february when it's 20 degrees and snowing. wish it was summer again. here we go. another beautiful summer day under way. reagan national up to 87. that's the warm spot. elsewhere, low to mid 80s. and during the afternoon we'll peak near 90 degrees. a few clouds coming through. and it's just going to be a bit humid. not terribly humid. a very light wind will be with us during the afternoon. going to the pool, don't forget the sunblock. heat index high today. a quick burn without protection. it's national night out tonight. should be good weather for the block parties and events going on this evening. that will be in upper 80s by 6:00 p.m. by 8:00, mid 80s. by 10:00, down to near 80. good weather for the game tonight at nats park. and tomorrow more humid. up around 90. some scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. probably not severe.
11:58 am
low humidity moves in. beautiful summer weather on thursday and friday. highs mid 80s. and still not too humid getting into the weekend although more clouds around. small chance of a shower or thundershower saturday afternoon. a greater chance perhaps on sunday and again on monday. that's the way it looks. have a great afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> looks like a great afternoon to head to one of the pools open around the area. thanks a lot, tom. that's news4 midday for today. we invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and tonight at 11:00. we'll be back tomorrow. have a great day. we'll see you in the morning. today on "access hollywood liv
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live", is rosie returning to the view? she has big competition if she does. >> we know who that could be. plus the star showing off a lot of side boob action. and the new hollywood couple revealed i'm not sure who is better looking in the bunch. >> columbus short on how let scandal. my exclusive scandal. my exclusive interview right now on "access hollywood live". interview right now on "access ♪ i'm so happy you already know i can't look


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